Jodi Littlepage’s quest to break the second-generation curse and preserve the legacy

“Jodi Littlepage-Mathura eased into a corner of the sofa, wrestling with her thoughts as Vale slept in an upstairs bedroom. Two or three times she glanced at the iPhone, playing her decision over in her head, growing nervous about what her mother had said. A small knot formed in her stomach. The call from Alastair Fenwick, her boss in Rio de Janeiro, came around 9 that morning. It lasted just eight minutes.

There would be no going back to Houston. She told Fenwick it wasn’t what she wanted. Houston had glistened with opportunity five years ago when it was just her and Kahlil. Now, Jodi wanted her daughter Viera and son Vale to spend weekends scuttling around Monos Island with their cousins, as she had done with her older sisters Zarna and Lara and younger brother John. There was also that feeling she couldn’t quite shake…”  READ MORE

Jodi Littlepage-Mathura works from a small office at Galt & Littlepage, the office supplies company her father co-founded. As second generation CEO-designate, she is the first woman to lead the family business.


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Development Finance Limited 2017.